Mimic Suits™ - The Original Natural Shark Deterrent Suit. www.sharkdeterrent.com

Mimic Suits™ are a natural, non-invasive shark deterrent that imitate the black and white striped pattern of poisonous sea snakes - which sharks recognise as toxic and intuitively avoid.

The concept involves no nets, cords, cables, batteries, magnets or electronic technology. There are no mechanisms, gizmos or devices that require operation, maintenance, re-charging or that risk going wrong. No chemicals or other substances that could have an adverse effect on you, other divers, diving equipment, the marine life, the coral or the ocean itself.

Mimic Suits™ are comfortable rash guards for all kinds of water sports, made with high quality anti-bacterial materials. They are salt water resistant and colour fast with 50+ UV sunlight protection.

We foster a peaceful co-existence of all creatures great and small that inhabit the oceans around us. With a concept rooted in science and the laws of nature. Inspired by wisdom from indigenous tribes in the South Pacific dating back 1,500 years.

Any questions, contact us at mimicsharksuits@gmail.com. For orders large or small, check out our website: www.mimicsuits.com or www.sharkdeterrent.com.

The French Governing Department That Oversees Fishing In It’s Foreign Overseas Territory, (FEDOM), Is Asking That…

The French Governing Department That Oversees Fishing In It’s Foreign Overseas Territory, (FEDOM), Is Asking That Commerical #Shark Fishing For Meat Be Re-Introduced. Citing Amongst Many Reasons, Tourism, So Fisheries Policy Vs Shark Attack Is Not Really About Meat But Tourism? Yet Shark Meat Is High In Toxins & Deaths From It’s Consumption Were Recently Recorded. Seems Like The Government Is Using An Indirect Mouth Piece For It’s Own Agenda In Seeking A Loophole Solution To The Public Outcry Supported By Kelly Slater. AKA Politics.


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